Really rainy day

I needed to stay in today anyway -hours of writing and edits and cooking to do- so am really enjoying the rainstorm we're having. Have been having. Are to continue having. Percy and I took a walk during a dry interlude and at one point I also donned my magenta raincoat to quickly cover my favorite delicate plants with a wide variety of bucket, but right now, my gutters are overflowing, the pets are snoring next to me on the couch, and I'm in a peaceful yet productive stupor, lulled by the concert of white noise coming at me from the outside.

I finally made a batch of the vanilla fig scones that I love and having been dying for, finished a first-round edit of a lengthy doc for school, bathed Percy, kinda tidied up and am about to make a strawberry cake. I noticed that my Perfect Coconut Cream Pie is featured in a Food 52 article on 12 Eats for Easter. Nice!!