Ok, so Oliver stayed home again today. During this time I had to cancel two appointments, do one with a physician via phone, make a chocolate-almond cake, hear about 400 Word Worlds via recitation, make 800 pancakes to watch a mere 2 be eaten, pick Jack up, drop Jack off, walk the dog, return two injured dining chairs, listen to the youngest men in my life fart more times than was previously known to be humanly possibly and ruminate on just what asparagus does to urine to make it smell that horrible. I changed from definite PJs to "are those PJs?", picked up ten pounds of Florida citrus I'd ordered during a school fundraiser and addressed more holiday cards. Really, it was a full day. I think you'll all agree that if/when Ol heads back to school tomorrow, the silence will be sweet. I mean, just look at these dudes. The Marine now has orange and green toe nails, and number 1 is wearing what? Cute but seriously.

People, WHAT is going on with Toronto mayor Rob Ford? He is officially beyond eccentric and now firmly in the effed-up department, yes? Do y'all know what I made for dinner? A fantastic, clean-out-the-fridge meal of caramelized cabbage and shallots with caraway, garlic, Meyer lemon zest and loads of pecorino OVER whole wheat spaghetti and WITH taleggio. So good that I don't have a picture cuz we ate it so quickly.