Ravioli is coming along

Today was insane, a full-on marathon. What's going on in the world? Where is my husband? I think he's leaving again tomorrow. Am I library volunteer tomorrow? Yes. And apparently I am hosting the Italy table at Ol's international day on Wednesday. I gotta cut strips to make Italian flags. I gotta make some pizzas. Gadzooks, maybe it's good T's leaving as I'll be a'working tomorrow night. Presently, I am relishing the quiet here, happily ensconced in my ravioli making. The pasta dough is resting (I made a very slightly whole wheat egg pasta tonight), and for the stuffing, I did a simple garlic, olive oil, salt, lemon zest and LOTS o' greens cooked down and then combined with some young goat cheese. Isn't this pretty? It's pre-cheese but you get a sense...I'll post more pics later. Off to roll the dough.