Ratatouille fab today, Super Tuesday

So, it's Super Tuesday. I hope Newt finally calls it a day and takes his mean, sanctimonious, narcissistic self out of this race. Why is Shel Adelson still squandering his money on the slimy salamander? I know he's a kazillionaire, but there has got to be a better use of his cash. I can think of about 100 before I next blink my eyes. Anyway, here's hoping Fat Newton and Stepford Barbie ride off into the sunset sometime early tomorrow. While some of Ron Paul's views are a bit off the reservation -and he sure spawned a crazy, pompous son- at least he's consistent, and I admire that. No problems here if he stays in, although if he doesn't even come close to winning one state, you've got to wonder how he'll afford to move ahead at all.

Once again, then, we're left with Mittens and the Antediluvian, both of whom seem to be increasingly freaky and nervous with facial expressions that perfectly map to that swing towards nuts. Does Mitt even know what he's saying anymore? And Sweater Vest just sounds crazier and crazier. Between the two of them we know that trees look good in Michigan, the streets are all right too, you can drive to Canada with your dog strapped to the top of the car, increasing gas prices are 100% Obama's fault, women are mindless idiots who should have no real say in anything but should have as many children as possible and in every situation and for every reason and lots of money is great to have, especially if you can pretend you're just a regular Joe but not really have to deal with any of the associated hardships.

What a farce these primaries are. What a horrible joke the Republican party is making itself out to be. I never know how the majority of the American populace is going to vote; in years past a huge percentage sure seems to have voted as stridently as possible against their own interests, but regardless, I've just got to believe that a good deal of the Republican leadership is quaking right now, scared out of their minds that not only will Obama sweep into the WH but also some solid gains will be made by the Dems in Congress. Again, this presumes some educated, nonpartisan decision making will be made at the polls, and that's always a big ??, but the scales seem to be tipping wildly in favor of some serious Rep losses. Hee-hee. ~~ On another note completely, the ratatouille from last night was superb today. I ate it cold and the flavors had really come together and brightened. I will post my recipe for you!