Random thought, dinner ideas

You might recall that I find The Bachelor to be an extremely depressing show which I have refused to watch since viewing one episode in 2005 or so. I gotta tell you that right there with it, in the depressing arena, is Toddlers and Tiaras. OMG- my stomach churns to see 4 year olds wearing more make-up that I did for my own wedding. I've not actually seen the show, but the still shots from it make me know it is definitely not worth my while, not least because I don't want to be supporting the industry. Dress up is one thing, but toddler pageantry is quite another. Back to food: for dinner tonight, I'm going to go Yotam as it's Meatless Monday. So, we'll be dining on Corn Cakes with Citrus Greens. As well, I clipped a recipe from the NYT Dining in recent months of a pan-roasted cauliflower with peas, ginger, cumin and such. I love roasted cauliflower so am eager to try this. O considered waking up after 25 minutes of nap but fortunately made the correct call in going back to sleep. He woke me up at 4:05a this morning and tried to convince me that it was time to get up and that we should go downstairs and play. I think not. He made it back to sleep for a bit but I only fitfully so. Blarg. After he wakes, we'll hit the market and then pick up Mr. J. Today was picture day at school and he suggested to me that in addition to the long-sleeved pink oxford button-down and seersucker shorts he insisted on wearing, he would also wear a gray, wool blazer. Uh, no. A) Monday is P.E. day, and B) it is the mid-80s in both temp and humidity today. He freaks out when his neck is hot; can y'all even imagine the wool blazer repercussions? I do love his fashion sense though.