Random idea re: leftover quinoa, new recipes that excite, Kitchen "Need" #5

What if I added more Gruyere to the leftover quinoa mixture, made paper thin patties (challenging myself, peeps; it's good for the mind), and baked them until crisp like a tuile? I'm going to try this today. Also, in today's NYT Dining section are two recipes I simply must try soon: Deviled Crab Meat and Chicory Salad with Egg Dressing, and a Lime Salsa Verde. Mamma mia! ~~

In my opinion, I've shared with you now those kitchen implements I consider critical. For review they are: Thermapen, spice grinder, kitchen scale, and the assortment of smaller items (2 T cup, microplane, citrus reamer with screen, olive spoon, crappy paring knife, multiple sets of measuring spoons).

I will now commence with the B list which are items not critical but awesome to have. Firstly, a mandoline. You just cannot slice things as consistently thin as you can with a mandoline. For certain foods, mandolining allows you to get the most elemental, true essence of their flavor without cooking or with minimal dressing. I shaved a fennel bulb for that cured salad Monday night, and it was just wonderful- a little olive oil, a little salt and a punch of fennel's wonderful anisey taste. I always use the mandoline for my zucchini on pizza nights too. These need not set you back beaucoup $. I've got a very basic one that doesn't do anything fancy like waffling, and I think it was less than $25.