Ramps and peppers together, oh my

It seemed high time to put some of the ramps I purchased on Sunday to good use, so I made a double batch of pesto. Most of it I'll freeze for use in the post-ramp season, but tonight I plopped a dollop of this green goodness atop some fresh mozzarella atop a freshly burned and peeled red pepper. Such a nice combo of creamy, sweet, fiery and fresh. Oh, and served alongside the toasted remainder of best-ever challah? Well, that's a great meal! ramp pesto, mozzarella, burned pepper salad

Though I do not wish to, I feel I should check on the water heater. Blimey. And if you were wondering if T left town today, why, yes he did! Seriously, people, map his travel with household weirdness and our children's illness, and I swear you'll get a statistically über-significant correlation.