Rain, rain, go away

Well, the rain has started and I guess Sandy is definitely coming. Boo, Sandy, boo! School is cancelled and we're all just hanging around. I made hot chocolate, the boys are begging for a fire in the fireplace -roasting marshmallows!- and T and I keep glancing at each other with the "it's only 7:45am?!" look. Nonetheless, I feel grateful to still have power, which around here in any sort of storm, is never a sure thing. In honor of the approaching maelstrom, T made me a hurricane latte this morning- can't you see the storm a'swirling? It tastes damn good! Yesterday, foodie friend C, brought me a haul of hardy kiwi, aka grape kiwi and kiwi berry. When I say haul, I mean it. Wow. She lives across the street from an amazing gardener; he's more than that. He's an urban farmer with the truest of green thumbs. It's really something, and I have been gifted more than once with his and her generosity. Thank you, thank you! So anyway, I've got this enormous box of these hardy kiwi and we simply won't make it through them by just snacking. I'm going to try and find some recipe for chutney or pickles and will keep you posted.

The hardy kiwi is a fruit with which I was unfamiliar until a year or two ago. They started popping up at the farmers market and a tiny little box usually runs about $5; I've not bought many! The fruit comes from a perennial vine that is native to Japan, Siberia and Northern China. You can imagine that in those cold climes, the plant must be tough, hence the first part of its name- hardy. The fruits are small, needn't be peeled, and to me taste like a sweet kiwi vaguely crossed with a banana. Their innards closely resemble that of a traditional kiwi. If you come across any, try them. They are delicious and it's always cool to come across a new food!