Radishes, jam

An unfortunate bit of glare mars this picture, but you can see how chunky and pretty this jam is. A good amount of texture and just a suggestion of stiffness are my preferences in jam, beyond flavor of course, and since my last plum jam batch went wild on its own pectin, I played conservatively tonight re: added pectin amount. So, we'll see what it's like tomorrow, but initial reviews were good (from, admittedly, my audience of 1; hey, if you don't please yourself, what's the point!?) These radishes were just so lovely but were shockingly hot in their raw form. Wow. I popped one in my mouth while chopping and actually had to spit it into the sink. And this from a woman who doesn't have much in the way of smell and taste right now (don't let that negate my opinion of the jam; I am certain that's good. Heh). Anyway, cooking radishes totally mellows them out which was a real plus tonight. The greens were so pretty that I added them to the skillet at the last moment and enjoyed them layered in the crostini.

And really, people, anchovy-garlic-butter is just to die for. Good lord.

I also had a small side of fresh ricotta, cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of oil, and a huge glass of.....seltzer. The wine's a'waiting for me when I'm better.

So, with that, I bid you adieu. I'm going to post the jam recipe now before I forget it all and then am going to dive into bed with the paper. Hmph...we'll see how much I actually read.