Radish fritters with pistachio yogurt sauce

Do y'all remember several months ago when T was out of town and I decided to try the radish fritter recipe I'd found? How it was so disappointing and completely unmemorable? I was sad about that because I love radishes but, like celery, often wish for a greater variety of ways to serve them. In salads, lovely. Seared with anchovy butter on crostini, a la Melissa Clark? Beyond! With butter and salt a la Le Français? Oui, oui. But still. There must be another way. I have found it.

This week's food52 contest is "your best radishes or turnips" and I'm still grooving on that pistachio-yogurt that accompanied my fava shoots at Ripple on Saturday night. What about a fritter of my design served alongside my interpretation of Ripple's yogurt sauce? Oh my lord, y'all. This is fabulous and has surely made for a decadent lunch for me today. Mamma mia!