Puzzle, pluots

Oh man, I had to get out a card table for my newest puzzle -games- mostly because it was too large for our coffee table. Actually, it was mostly to stop my back from complaining about hunching over in less-than-optimal lighting. The combo of card table + yet another 1,000 piece puzzle suggests to me that my nerd factor has gone off the charts, like the mercury on a hot day. Even Jack is saying, "mom, what's up with you and the puzzles!" But whatever, if I'm a nerd, hear me roar (hoarsely but with assertiveness). The games puzzle was slightly less difficult than was vintage lunch boxes but more challenging than was travel posters. I know more about this than I wish I did, but alas. It's on to wine country next. I also chopped pluots- aren't they beautiful? Mom, I did not do anything with them. I simply chopped them while sitting down.

chopped pluots, aka plumcots