Puzzle o' cards, pretzel light sabers, quiet

www.em-i-lis.com That's how I felt yesterday- bent to the point of breaking, and I dare say I shed as many tears as would have suggested that. Thank you to the shoulder on which I wept, to the dear friend who brought my oldest home and for those who asked, nodded and kept going. Y'all are pals. There is a reason sleep deprivation is torture. It really is, and while I can handle it for a while, a few days off no sleep-all parenting is enough to slay the heartiest of us. As such, it was an absolute joy to A) take a full Ambien at 8:30p last night, and B) bring both children to school this morning. Yee-howdy!

Since then I've been on a major spring cleaning purge even though I do see some seriously low temps forecasted for the week ahead. I'm ignoring you "low of 25" on Thursday night and "lows in the 20s" next week. We're going to CA soon enough and you'd best be gone when we return. Anyway, interior spring cleaning has commenced. Not least because yesterday I wrapped up Playing Cards:


This was a good one- hard enough to keep things interesting and draw it all out for a while but not so difficult (hello, body of Hedwig in one of J's Harry Potter puzzles) that you want to scream and run out of the room.

After I finish just a few more tasks, I am going to temper some chocolate and then dip pretzel rods into it for the start of my pretzel Light Sabers for Ol's birthday. White sugar pearls will have to suffice for the buttons because where are all the silver candy balls of my childhood? Were those found to be just too toxic? It's possible. I am fully aware that no one needs pretzel light sabers and that in all actuality I should go read a book or something. Oh well, not me.