Pumpkin ravs and tea sandwiches, my cowboys

Ooh, what a fun evening. In fact, what a fun day. I cannot believe that I've been up since 4:58am- when you don't sleep, there is so much you can do in a day. I'm not advocating this not sleeping thing but you can pack a lot in. I roasted beets, gardened, briefly napped, took and picked up both boys to/from great days at school, took Jack on a brief date, took a run, went to the market, made and devoured these sage-brown butter pumpkin ravioli, made and enjoyed parts of four tea sandwiches, watched as both boys squealed -literally- with glee as they opened the gift package their Louisiana grandparents sent; it was full of cowboy gear- a shirt and boots for Jack, and a hat for Oliver. Adorable.

Tea sandwiches I've made so far are: roast chicken/cheddar/apple chile chutney on white; goat cheese/fig spread/marcona almonds on three grain rye; cucumber/watercress/mayo on white; radish/butter/mint on three grain rye. Delish!