Pufferfish with a slug pug alongside

I have never had allergies. Hell, I've never even had an allergic reaction. So, you can, perhaps, imagine my vexation and concern when I woke up this morning feeling like a pufferfish who'd just had dental work done- fleshly novocaine face to the max! My eyelids were swollen, my face had lost all definition, and I was itching. It was slightly embarrassing to then go meet my new physical therapist but alas. Presently, Percy is laid out next to me, his chin on my thigh, like his best slug pug self, I'm waiting in the hopes that a Claritin will make unnecessary the doctor's appointment I set up for this afternoon, and Oliver is watching Bob the Builder in a surprisingly educational episode about trains and treehouses. A new batch of meatballs was on the horizon but is on hold for a bit because really, they are quite the undertaking.