Pretty terrific apple cake

I've had my eye on this apple cake recipe from Food 52 since it was posted and so finally made it last night. Teddie's apple cake

Though I made several changes, which I recommend, it is definitely a wonderful, addicting cake. The use of oil lends an unbeatable moistness and the large chunks of apple make their flavor prominent as it should. The original recipe calls for: three cups of all-purpose flour and I used two plus one cup of whole wheat pastry flour; 1 cup of raisins which I reduced to ½ cup; 1 cup of chopped walnuts which I made ¾ cup halved and quartered pecans; 2 cups of sugar which I reduced to 1½ cups; and 1½ cups of canola oil which I altered to be 1 cup of canola plus a scant ½ cup of olive oil. A shot of Bourbon or Calvados might be a nice addition in the future. I posted the recipe for my version of this cake under Desserts.