Pretty in pink tomato soup; Em-i-lis featured on the Dulcet mustard FB page!

Hello everyone! First some cool news, and then a lovely, SUPER-easy recipe for a healthy, pretty lunch. Ok, you know my love of the Dulcet Morrocan mustard? And that I called them while in Portland to help me find a place to buy? And that I schlepped back four jars? Well, I mentioned that my favorite way to use this mustard was on my roast turkey sandwich (Em-i-lis Saturday Roast Turkey Sandwich), and Pam asked me to send her the recipe. I did, and she asked if they could post it on their facebook page. Of course! So, check it out: Dulcet mentions Em-i-lis.

As yoga wound down this morning, and we were supposed to be emptying our minds during sivasana, I instead started thinking about lunch. Hah- what a surprise, huh?! Anyway, an image of a cold tomato-yogurt soup wound its way into my thoughts, and I raced home to make the easiest-ever, freshest tasting bowl of yummy. How pretty is this?

It took about three minutes, Oliver loved it too, and all it required was a blender. I'll post the recipe now!