Political nonsense, pasta, kale, writing...

Only 23 District Court nominees have been filibustered in the history of our country, and 20 of those have been since Obama took office. Who sees the tectonic shift there? Just sayin. Glad the filibuster rule has been changed. To what a majority really is. Which is not a "super-majority."

In food words, I was uninspired tonight. Tuckered out to beat sixty. Slayed by verbiage and retellings and all sorts of lexical onslaught. I'm utterly serious. My respite today was a wonderful conference call with my writing group. They are such an exceptional bunch of women, and I feel repeatedly grateful to have met them. Before and after that 75 minutes, however? =CRAZYtown talking. So by dinnertime, I could do nothing more than pour a glass of wine and stare blankly into an open fridge. When I was too chilled to hold the door open any longer, I swung it shut and simply stood.

A memory of glorious golden Roma tomato sauce awoke in the deepest recesses of my mind, and I ambled out to my garage chest freezer to locate the stash. Aah!! Some pappardelle here, a kale salad there. Dinner was served.