Plum jam, community pick hurrah

I am so excited that my Cheesy Mashed Potato Puffs were just chosen as a community pick on Food52. That is wonderful, and I'm thrilled. Thank you!

I also just made a wonderful new jam that was inspired by memories of happily eating the spiced plum and port jam I made last year (courtesy of a terrific Food52 cook) and the strawberry-rhubarb-orange jam I made just a month or so ago (courtesy of Marisa of Food in Jars). I had a bunch of little red plums and thought I'd try to break free from the self-imposed chains of plum-basil jam; my relative obsession with it remains intact, but this new jam is lovely!!! It's all plum with a bit of orange zest and juice, allspice and cinnamon. The boys declared it delicious, and I must say I agree. It's also extremely pretty because the red skin of these plums was positively glowing before going into the pot and really lent a beautiful hue to the finished product.