Plan B

As our dinner with pals has been rainchecked, it's T and me on tap for tonight. Poor guy has whatever's going around- awful cough, headache, he just really feels lousy. Anyway, I'm going to scratch our original meal plan and instead jump into my new cookbook, Yotam's Jerusalem. I mentioned this a month or so ago, and just received it yesterday. The recipes look fabulous, and I've got little sticky note tabs sticking out everywhere; the book looks like a Chia pet. Saffron rice with barberries, pistachios and mixed herbs? Swiss chard with tahini, yogurt and buttered pine nuts? Another burnt eggplant recipe? Aah, where to start. As many of these dishes require an overnight soak of beans, which I have not done, narrowing down to a plan won't be as troublesome as usual! In the meantime, I'm nursing my first-ever busted lip. This morning was visiting day at Ol's school, and in a fit of laughter, he threw his head back, its crown flattening my bottom lip against my teeth. It hurt like a &*&#^&*@ and is now less than attractive. Blimey.