Pizza, sex-ed, bumper sticker fail

Let's make a long story short by simply saying that by the time I dropped the boys off this morning I was mad. Real mad. And in possession of new rules and a strict plan for the afternoon. After a meeting, I took an extremely necessary nap, read some of my new Sherlock Holmes, seriously questioned the "sport" of curling, still do not understand its why, went to the market and saw this TMI bumper sticker (really, does this person want a reward? why broadcast this?), picked the boys up and have since felt like an extremely good mother. What a delight!

Their rooms are clean, the class Valentines mostly done (well, all done for Ol; he is definitely an over-achieving Valentine maker), homework completed, pen pal letter #1 written (my mom and Jack have just established their formal pen pal relationship which is adorable), dinner eaten, sex-ed talk (just with Jack) successfully had.

It was really nothing big at all- I bought several good books and started with What's the Big Secret? Talking About Sex with Girls and Boys, the one that seemed simplest and most accessible to me. The illustrations are by Marc Brown, of Arthur fame, and the text is mostly comprehensive in an age-appropriate way. Jack could not have been more darling and dear: curious, interested, he asked good questions and there was no uncomfortable or silly giggling. Halfway through, Tom came home and joined right in. Honestly, it was a lovely, nice conversation, and we felt totally bonded afterwards.

I suspect quite a few questions will emerge the more he thinks about everything. ;)

Speed skating is fabulous. This pizza, pretty as it was, was not. I had no crusts, no time to make more and so used an older, brought from the depths of my deep freezer focaccia dough. No dice. You win some, you lose some. At least I was Mama Buena!