Pizza, gnudi, Charles, John & Donald

Tonight we're going to enjoy pizza, a backlog of Mad Men episodes and some Grgich Hills Zin. Just what the doctor ordered. It is pouring brickbats here- like overflowing the gutters in a major way type of pouring. I'm actually really enjoying it though I'm hoping all my emergent tomatoes don't get knocked off. Sigh. How amazing does ricotta gnudi with chanterelles and spinach sound?! Exactly! That, courtesy of Nancy Silverton and Mozza, is what we're having on Sunday after I pick up some awesome funghi at the FM.

In the meantime, how thrilled am I that Charles Taylor got 50 years? What a horrible human who does not deserve another day beyond the confines of prison. John Edwards, what a fall, what a life disgraced. Was it worth it in any way? Gross. And Donald T, you are the worst of all. Who can believe that he is still going on about Obama's birthplace. At this point I really think we're entering slander-libel territory!