Pizza, Bill

A very yummy, healthy (overall) pizza! And Bill did not disappoint. For one, Louie C.K. was a guest, and he is just hysterical. And two, there were some great one-liners. Regarding Republicans' complete aversion to Obama: "If he [Obama] said, I like your smile, they'd go shoot themselves in the face."

Louie C.K. on the number of men feeling emasculated by the recent report on hands-on fatherhood lowering testosterone levels: "Manhood isn't just being drunk and getting laid -that's just a pathetic chimp with a boner; real men raise kids, act like grown-ups." Amen brother!

Finally, imagined campaign slogans for the Repub contenders...Re: Newt G, "Newt Gingrich: The Only One With a Proven Track Record of Leaving Someone to Die."

Oh, and lest I forget, he did crack about Perry whom he called Jesus McBangBang. Hilarious.