Pizza and Bill, strawberry cake, the leaves they've started a'coming

Where have I been all day? I don't know, but it was a nice one. Beautiful too though rain threatened for a bit but then walked itself back. Though the temps remain warm enough for shorts most of the time, fall is definitely in the air, and the leaves have started blanketing all horizontal surfaces. Raking is such a pleasurable though futile activity; normally such Sisyphean tasks would frustrate me, but not raking. I love it. So anyway, it was a lovely family-focused day in which each of us also got to do something for his/her-self. I had a two cake and salad catering order to deliver this evening which was a pleasure, and just look at this gorgeous strawberry cake. It's two layers of strawberry cake with fresh strawberries in between and a whipped cream-mascarpone frosting to cover it all. Perfection! And tonight? Grilled pizza and Bill Maher with my honey- what could be better?!