Pizza a la Ghibellina

People, T just sneezed so violently that his back now aches. I have zero sympathy for this because really, no one needs to sneeze so dramatically. If you live in/near DC or have visited us recently, have you eaten at Ghibellina? You totally should if you've not already. When you do, order the artichoke and olive pizza because it is scrumptious. I was skeptical at first- with olives, sundried tomatoes AND artichokes, was too much going on? And then smoked mozzarella too? Hmm. T loves artichokes of any stripe though, so we ordered this pie and I was immediately set right. It is effing fantastic.

Yesterday I bought some smoked mozzarella with the express purpose of recreating Ghib's pizza at home tonight. A wild success it was and it will surely tide me over until my next visit to Ghib.