Pita and beans are perfect, don't bother with fennel al forno

Y'all, it doesn't get better than this. How can such simple and few ingredients make such deliciousness? I could make a meal out of this fresh pita, good olive oil and some salt. Wow. Because I needed the oven for the fennel dish, we did the pitas on the grill. As I've probably mentioned before, grilled bread just has that little something special about it- the smokiness imparted from the heat of the grill and any added wood chips is just great. This bread is doughy but light, full of flavor yet a great side too. I highly recommend trying these at home, and they will certainly become a staple over here. Thanks, Cyn. The ful was equally fabulous. Oh my. I just looove this. Slow-cooked favas, olive oil, lemon, parsley, garlic. Perfect, although my poor little Jack. When we got home from the gramps, we walked in and the house did smell incredibly earthy and beany. He immediately burst into tears, exclaiming "I smell something gross, so disgusting." Poor honey pie. I turned the vent on high.

Now, on the unfortunate flip-side, I cannot recommend yet another David Tanis recipe. This fennel al forno had everything going for it BUT ultimately lacked taste and any oomph. Beautiful ingredients emerged from the oven as a complete unmemorable blah.