Pistachio financiers!!!

Y'all, do you remember the thrill I felt when T brought me those remarkable financiers from Eric Kayser in NY? We were there for the weekend, I refused to leave the room on Sunday morning because I had to read the paper before we boarded the train, and so dear hubs ran out for coffee and breakfast. He came across Maison Eric Kayser, called and asked if I wanted a pistachio or raspberry financier, and I said, "yes, both!" Both were fabulous, but the delectable green cloud has floated through my memory since, and I have been determined to recreate. Research on financiers (a delightful story really; read this bit of history by Dorie Greenspan) taught me much and actually LED ME TO Eric Kayser's recipe. A Saveur columnist was as smitten with them as I and finagled this recipe from EK for publication. Thank you, thank you, all who made this discovery of mine possible.

My batter is resting now and I'll cook these babies this afternoon. The boys and I are having Party Tuesday, so in addition to the cupcakes and rice krispie treat (J really does not like cake or frosting) I bought while at/on (which is it?) a coffee date at Baked & Wired this morning, we will also have tiny, scrumptious, perfect crumb financiers.


Aren't pistachios spectacular? I mean the color alone makes me want to swim in them. They win the Nut Pageant for sure. This picture makes me want to open a split of champagne, turn on Parisian jazz and host a salon. I don't know why; that's how my mind works when in the midst of pretty food and photographs.