Pies, dressing, mini-pies, chicken Kiev

I have definitely felt lousy today and am honking like a goose. Blah! Boo! So, I stayed home drinking tea and cooking which was, admittedly, quite nice. Tomorrow is Ol's Thanksgiving Feast at school so I made two pumpkin pies for that + two mini pies with the leftover batter. Then I made the beef-n-Trinity mix for some Louisiana rice dressing for our own Thanksgiving feast next week. The mixture freezes beautifully so that next week all I need do is thaw, toss with freshly cooked rice, and warm through. I'll do the same prep with turkey sometime soon that I'm equally ready for whip up some cornbread dressing. I've also - finally!- jumped into Kiev-making. The shallot-herb butter has been chilling all day, fresh breadcrumbs are cooling now, and the chicken is seasoned, stuffed and now resting in the fridge before I dredge and cook it. The only and quite major bummer about this is that I have a meeting at 7 and won't have time to finish the chicken before then. Lucky Tom will definitely enjoy his share!!