Pie for Jack, fabulous new creation

Tomorrow, my little Jack will “officially be 5½” as he likes to say, and he intimated that he would just love some blackberry pie for a celebratory breakfast. So, I made him an individual heart-shaped one which you cannot totally discern in this pic but that’s what it is. I’m going to freeze the others as we still have a hunking chuck of that tart chilling in the fridge; I’ve given away pieces to anyone who’ll take them today and the reviews have been laudatory, but it’s rich and really, how many visitors do I have on a daily basis? While at the market today, I recalled the ingredients in the current food52 contest, Battle Sage and Walnuts. I love both those items and immediately started playing the “what do I like with them” game. Honey, blue cheese, pears. Here is what came to fruition after an afternoon of random brainstorming, and I’m going to be honest, it is damn good. I will post this recipe for you!!