Pictures worth a thousand words

I dare say these two recent photos -Ol at Jack's baseball game last night, and a creation by Jack- are exactly the sorts for which that phrase was coined. At some level, I truly feel these images capture my children's personalities completely. Ol, fratastic Ol, will always find a nice way to chill, and Jack will forever make brainy mischief with words. I love it. Doesn't The Buttington Farter sound perfectly British? In the best way? It's possible it's the most accurate name for our homestead. And Oliver stayed like that for quite a while; no, he was not asleep.

Oliver went home with a buddy today, and I just received yet another PWATW (see title of this post) from buddy's mother. These two are soon to be "Strong Men" in the PK Circus, the annual show the PK class puts on at school, and here they had crafted a barbell from paper plates, masking tape and a pick-up stick and were lifting with mighty strength. Do you love the look of groaning support on friend's face?? And Ol's shirt tucked into his undies? I could die. Yes, he dressed himself this morning, and yes, orange and green are his favorite colors.

Meanwhile, J and I went on a date during which he downed stroopwafels (pron: strope-waffle) do you know of this Dutch delight? They are cookies made of thin wafers with caramel sandwiches in between. When T and I lived in Amsterdam, I learned that the cookies are this size because they fit nicely atop a warm mug of tea; that way, the caramel softens and your treat becomes even better in the resultant gooeyness.) and a drink, we bought three Big Nate books (the newest series obsession) and I assuaged tears of sadness due to our inability to find a Japanese calligraphy set. It's a hard life that boy lives.

Finally, I am on my couch, Percy wedged into a crack of his burrowing which is really a previously nonexistent space between my thigh and a cushion. I forgot to plate yesterday's watermelon and feta salad atop all the arugula I'd washed so enjoyed it tonight instead. Leftover yogurt chicken (this recipe was awesome; try it), avocado, garbanzo beans, tomatoes and feta + a mustardy red wine vinaigrette made for a delicious meal.