Photo unearthed, salad extraordinaire

Just as I was about to commence making my springtime shrimp and grits, T called to say he needed to work late. Plan B was another fab-o kale salad, chock full of garlic-n-toppings plus a wedge of Humboldt Fog just cuz. Delicious! And, because it's almost my bday, I indulged in two glasses of the magnificent Pinot Noir from Iron Horse and read the entire Science section from today's NY Times. Bliss.

Who else feels they've not seen this picture ↘ enough lately? Moi! So, here it/he is! I'm telling you, if those eyes came a'purring towards me....

Benedict Cumberbatch

Because really, is enough ever enough? I'd ask for BC for my birthday, but I think I'm getting a chaise lounge for my backyard + a tortilla press which, obviously, together make the closest second a gal could imagine.

I've had just enough wine to be on the right side of caring that snowflakes are tiptoeing from the sky -they'll be gone by morning- and am off to jump into, gasp!, the front section of today's paper.