Perfect roast chicken, marbelized celeriac, bread, wine, wow

Long title short, last night's dinner was fantastic. It totally hit the spot. My chicken was wonderfully seasoned; every bite was a starburst of flavorful, chickeny perfection. Though I had wildly under-salted my bread, it was beautiful and made a great platform for olive oil and butter. I never got to the "color" in our meal, but the roasted celery root was golden and good. Look at this perfectly marbelized chunk. Gorgeous, eh?

We have a wildly busy day ahead: Tae Kwon Do, a birthday party, exercise sessions and we're hosting a second grade potluck tonight. It's a gorgeous day outside though, and I've started things off right with a fresh batch of Apple Cider Muffins. These are spectacularly good- make some for yourself soon!

PS- Did y'all see this Wes Anderson-inspired skit on SNL last weekend? Priceless! Brilliant!