Pecan-oatmeal pie

Don't you just want to stick your face in that and get going? I do. Good thing it just came out of the oven and is still bubbling-hot; otherwise, I might. I'm also glad it's for us. I just sent that last, gorgeous pumpkin cheesecake out the door and found it be a sad farewell. Today was a fun marathon. Now that I'm getting into the groove of the catering thing, I really find that I can work like a calm machine. Doing what you can in advance helps tremendously, but so too does having a more intuitive knowledge of how long each item will take, at what temp, oven or stove, and so forth. Would you even believe that I've got a ton of room in my fridge right now? And nothing left to cook tonight. Bravo!

I'm off to good wine and take-out. If you're still prepping, carry on! Happy TG!