Peach-plum-lime-ginger jam

I was starting to feel a tad guilty that the beautiful Italian plums and yellow and white peaches I'd bought at the farmers market Sunday were getting very ripe, if you catch my drift. So, not needing any more desserts after days of feasting on just that, I decided to make the jam I'd thought about earlier. Into the pot went chopped plums and peaches, a decent amount of diced crystallized ginger, some lime zest and lime juice, sugar, allspice, a bit of apple cider and the tiniest turn of fresh black pepper. It's in the canning kettle now and looks beautiful. It is also quite good, and I think I achieved the unique, not too sweet jam I was hoping for. I'll let you know and will also post some photos and the recipe a bit later. I'm also going to make my anchovy-butter radishes tonight so I'm off!