Peach Pie Jam and a Class, ear clog

How Ear Clog Can Facilitate Inadvertent Telephone Game

I awoke this morning with severely clogged ears. The children and I were like ships in the night because I could only hear about half of what they said. Now I'm not saying this is a bad thing, because the Pokémon obsession has not waned and my interest in it has definitely not grown, but it was such an odd experience to have misconversations. Kinda funny too.

"Boys, why are you each clad only in a shirt?"

I meant this literally because they were both completely naked except for tees which hung to mid-bum; tragically, they resembled what I imagine pedophiles look like when home alone. It's a terrible look.

"Where is my bathing suit?"

"What? We have no laundry chute."

"What, MOM?? What does that even mean?"

To myself: "What the eff are those kids making up now? They are nuts, and I really wish they'd at least put on some underpants."

I make coffee for me and breakfast for them. While they eat I attempt to explain what clogged ears feel like and with them how one experiences sound.

"I feel like I'm underwater or far away."

"Mom, can you hear me? Can you hear me?"

"Yes, boys, you're four flipping feet from me. I just mean the sound sounds garbled."

"What's garbled? Like weird? Can you hear me?"

"Yes, like hard to understand."


Who's on first, for the love. I do feel that I've turned a corner in the health department so that's good.

I made their lunches for camp (just seven days of lunch-making left! Making lunches blows; that their school provides excellent-quality lunches every day makes me not care about the tuition. SUCH.A.LUXURY. I can see why my mother went on cooking strike after making my sister and me lunches for 10 years.) and got them to camp and came home to attempt to clear my ears and prep for my canning class.

Peach Pie Jam

As these events pretty much always are, this one was an absolute delight. It's fun to meet new people and welcome those you already know and then preach the gospel of something you love to do and probably would be doing anyway. We made Peach Pie Jam and also did a jam tasting of six or seven I'm canned so far this summer. Everything was a hit!

And now, back to the couch. Just in case!