Peach iced tea, Proof

Think we're gonna go to Proof instead. I actually styled my hair, peeps, so we gotta take advantage of this! I love iced tea, and being a Southern gal, I admit to loving sweet tea even more. But really, there is SO much sugar in that good old sweet tea. (An old friend with whom I've now, sadly, lost touch, used to call me Sweet Tea; I loved it). How to deal?! Each time I make Brandied Peaches, I am left with this gorgeous amber peach simple syrup that I hate to toss but never quite knew what to do with other than slap it on ice cream (do you see the sugar theme here?). So last time I made said peaches, I gave half the syrup to C; her hubby put it in iced tea. Boom! Great idea. So, if you ever make the Brandied Peaches, also brew some fresh iced tea and rather than sweetening it with sugar, use this yummy syrup. You won't need all that much, it lends a lovely, floral fruitiness (but not a Tinkerbelly one) to the tea and precludes wasting this delish elixir as C called it.