Pasta wow

Oh my goodness, readers, this dinner was beyond. In Florence last week, my last supper included a wildly indulgent ravioli in a cream sauce flecked with speck, an Italian bacon. My sister and I were to share this plate, and we did so, but grudgingly. In honor of that meal, I made some fresh pasta tonight and stuffed it with a mixture of mushroom duxelles, shallots, pancetta, parsley and Parm. Just look at the color of those yolks!

Then, I sauced it with a cream-blue cheese-Parm-pancetta sauce (no, not good for you, but simultaneously, good for you!). Oh.My.God. I will work out this recipe and then post it because it was amazing.

I also had some leftover leek confit so made some ravioli stuffed with that and Bûcheron. Not as good but still good, you know?!