Pasta with bitter greens pesto, sundried tomatoes and chicken

What a delightful way to clean out my fridge! I pulled of the tops from a bunch of Hakurei turnips, took a few leaves from a bunch of red bor kale, sauteed them with garlic, a little lemon and a peperoncino (intero, cayenna, d'Italia) and then food processored them with two garlic-stuffed green olives and some pecorino. In the meantime, the whole wheat spaghetti cooked, and I chopped leftover roast chicken from last night and oil-packed sundried tomatoes. The latter items went into the skillet with the greens pesto and some pasta water, and finally, I tossed it all together with the hot noodles, more pecorino, and a little more cooking water. It was a healthy, satisfying, simple dinner that made good use of a handful of leftover and pantry ingredients.