Pasta tonight

T is in NYC again, and I've had a brief respite this afternoon thanks to a babysitter. I exercised, cleaned up our yard (major wind the other night; Ol asked if a tornado had come through when he saw the amount of sticks and leaves) and read a bunch of my applications for Columbia. Now I am off to make the pasta dough for some stinging nettle ravioli I intend to enjoy tonight. Mmm, mmm. Can I just tell y'all what Jack wore to school today? It was awesome in a wild, "are you really just 5½?" kinda way: sueded brown pants, brown loafers, white button-down, tie, brown tweed blazer belted on the outside with his new belt and a glen plaid cap. He was a sight. When I picked him up, one teacher asked "did he do this himself?" Hah. Indeed! It's his interpretation of a super-spy. You gotta love the kid's imagination and follow-through!