Pasta piselli, or a lovely soup for a cold night

This week, my friend Suzanne - a Food 52 cook I've gotten to know through the site - won a Community Pick nod for her pasta piselli, an unbelievably simple and quick soup made with noodles, peas, pecorino and an egg. It has been so cold here all day, and I haven't felt quite up to snuff. A bowl of hot soup sounded perfect for dinner this evening, but you know how laborious some soups are. Not this one! With just six basic ingredients (seven if you add the optional lemon zest which, in my opinion, is a definite "should"), a large saucepan and about ten minutes, you can sit back and enjoy a wonderfully fulfilling and warming meal with the added bonus of having just one pot to clean afterwards. I raise my hot toddy to all of that, but especially to Chef Suzanne. Grazie la mia amica!

Suzanne's Pasta Piselli