Pasta a la Norm-em-a and The Who

Ok, I found the salt-packed capers. Whew. I knew they were there. In the meantime, I asked T -who is ever-hopeful that I'll ask him to help me with a crossword; it's extremely rare that I do- to help. He failed on all counts so I returned to my solitary crosswording. Heh, best case scenario. Do y'all know what we did last night? About 600 pieces of a puzzle. It was so much fun. Swear to god. I know that must sound desperately old, but hell, who cares. My sister and I loved doing puzzles together when we were little, and our favorite was Verticalville II. Fast forward 20 years, and I try to buy VVII for the boys. OUTOFPRINT. Wha? So, I checked eBay, and of course there was one available (never opened!!), so I paid a tad too much and bought it out of eager nostalgia, and let me tell you, I am thrilled. It was a bit advanced for the boys who are still doing 50 piece, large format, Melissa and Doug types, so I decided to do it myself. Again, best case scenario really.

Admission: I don't love The Who. Actually, let's just be honest, I think they have one good song, so I think that means I don't much like them even.

Anyway, last night after dinner, I asked T to puzzle with me. He rolled his eyes in a "do I have to" kinda way, but he did and we had a ball. I ordered two 1,000 piecers today because he admitted it was such fun.

"Won't Get Fooled Again" is stilllll playing. I'm going to hit skip.

I'm glad I found the capers because they added a great zing to my pasta. Doing everything in the Lodge in the oven was heavenly. Eggplant, capers, tomatoes, salt, more salt, a bit more salt, parsley, marjoram, perciatelli, a literal shower of pecorino. Solid! And gawd does it make a diff to photograph food outside, eh??

eggplant a la Norm-em-a in the Lodge


pasta a la norm-em-a

Ok, I do like Baba O'Riley. Solid song.