Pappa and a cake

What a nice and productive day it's been so far. Jack  and I went to his class open house this morning so that I could see lots of what he's been working on. We played a math game, he showed me his journal and a report he'd done on Cousteau. It was darling and fun and then two of my dearest pals and I hung out in the parking lot for at least a half hour, freezing but in hysterics. Fun. I headed home with a mission to bake, frost and freeze a Reine de Saba (Julia's chocolate-almond cake) so that I could check that off my to-do list for the party we're having for Mom and Dad next week to celebrate their 40th anniversary. In the meantime, I made a pot of pappa al pomodoro just because it sounded delicious. And it was!

pappa al pomodoro