Pancakes, this morning

These appear to be one amorphous blob but are actually wonderful little buckwheat-blueberry pancakes. Lemon zest and blueberries love each other so there's fresh zest in the mix as well as cinnamon, some applesauce and a dash of both buttermilk and cooked oatmeal. We had the amazing experience of no one waking until 6:52 this morning. I don't even know what to say except that it was blissful, and I hope it's a repeat occurrence.

This morning will be my first of both kids at school when I have no commitments (other than managing the FIoS installation guy). It's thrilling to consider the possibilities, even if I do none of them. But I really want to get on the apple butter bandwagon so might get the process started. It takes a while, and I need some sort of extremely fine sieve. When searching for chinoise, I have come across the funniest (to me at least) battle between those who feel that some chinoises (is that the plural?) are actually china caps in disguise. Say what? There's a lot of snarkiness in these back-and-forths. Amusing!