Pan Bagnat

Made an enormous pan bagnat, a la Melissa Clark, because a) yum, b) it works if you're without power (it was definitely possible that I'd remain without power), c) it gets better over time. And good it was. pan bagnat a la Melissa Clark

I've also received two compliments on Em-i-lis today which I simply must share because a) I'm proud as b) they reflect the overarching goal of authenticity I have for my blog, and c) they're both meaningful, one made me die laughing and one made me feel damn good.

I. Re: Em-i-lis: "For me it is so refreshing. No BS and so real. Not buttercream and vomit sauce. Plus you are a jammer."

II. Re: Today's post on parental challenges: "Thank you for making me feel less alone. I've been hating on myself for feeling so frustrated and raising my voice like nobody's business."

Thank you readers!