Outstanding dinner

Have I mentioned that my sister is here? She arrived Wednesday and heads back to Italy tomorrow, but it's such a treat having her as a short-term roommate. Her best friend from the age of 4 (who lives in Abu Dhabi with her hubs but is an American citizen and wanted to have her baby here; so they moved to DC for two months) had a baby girl last month and my sis wanted to spend time with her and the new parents (who are basically members of our family; we're all close; it's great) hence this pass through. This morning, we visited together which was wonderful. I cannot get enough of holding babies. How many times have y'all heard me go on about holding babies?? Seriously, it's a balm. I looooove to hold those sweet, cooing bundles of warmth. Aah! Anyway, last night, El, T and I stayed in, and I made us an outstanding feast: zucchini-feta fritters; a fennel, feta, sumac and pomegranate salad from Ottolenghi; and a roast chicken stew with preserved lemon, sumac, caramelized onions and Israeli couscous. We drank too much wine and stayed up too late, but it was great fun. Naturally, the boys chose today to wake up at 6 instead of the closer-to-7 they've been gifting us with lately, so I have now been up for 8 hours and am definitely feeling it.



It is revolting out today- freezing rain sleeting down from a gray shroud of a sky. Ugh. Glad I am inside and just enjoyed scrumptious leftovers from last night's meal.