Ooh, yum!

T let me escape to the gym for a run this afternoon, and while there, I had visions of the sweet potato gratin I'd enjoyed at the food52 party several weeks ago. I didn't feel like buying anything special for it or expending much energy in making it so just kinda riffed on my memory. It looked a little gnarly (the milk and crème fraîche curdled a bit) but it was absolutely divine, and even despite its ugliness, I will share the general recipe with you so you too can enjoy this sweet potato-shallot-bacon fabulousness. T and I each made our own gourmet turkey sandwich (mine was Bûcheron, cranberry sauce, shaved turkey on harvest bread; T went with turkey, bacon, mayo + onion confit + gravy, on harvest bread) and I made a quick version of yesterday's delish salad. We opened a great bottle of wine, Coppola's '06 Rubicon, just because. I am stuffed! But in a good way.