Ooh, la la- what a dinner, Trivial Pursuit competition to come

People, this was a ridiculously fabulous and rich dinner. Wow! I sauteed the spinach in olive oil and orange zest, roasted the potatoes with many garlic cloves and thyme, and T pan roasted the steaks while making Emeril's BBQ shrimp recipe which is much whiter (read: cream) than other BBQ shrimp recipes but which was fantastically good, especially when jammed into a French roll. Mamma mia. In addition, we splurged and opened a bottle of Australian Shiraz, the Amon-Ra, that we'd bought in an auction several years ago. Robert Parker gave it 98 points, for whatever that's worth, and it is damn good. Off to Triv Pursuit and then, most probably, bed. Happy New Year's everyone.