Ooh...Curried Radish Fritters with Raita, does not offset psychotic children

Y'all, if the babysitter does not arrive two minutes ago, I'm going to jump out of the nearest window. Jack is dressed as a policeman still, is filthy, and is antagonizing the bejesus out of Oliver, who is apoplectic because I don't want Jack's books-on-tape CDs on my night table. This is all, of course, happening two inches from my ear.I am attempting to disassociate by reading this recipe VERY carefully. How fab does this sound??

You grate radishes, add curry powder, goat cheese, onion, garlic, parsley and eggs. Scoop batter into small patties and fry until golden. Serve with a radish-cucumber Raita. I want to eat this!

This is from Vitaly Paley of Iron-Chef and Portland restaurant fame. Lemme know if you'd like me to post the recipe.