Onion confit, more pizza, crazy with chicken

This Tuscan Onion Confit has become a new favorite dish of mine. It was even better this Thanksgiving than it was last year and it will definitely become a repeat on my table this winter.

Tomorrow I'm catering a baby naming ceremony so have spent much of today preparing chicken in various ways. Six pounds of chicken went into a beautiful rendition of my Nanny's salad and another few pounds will head into an array of tea sandwiches. I've got a tarragon mayo mellowing away in the fridge, six pounds of potatoes waiting to be freshly steamed in the morning, a vat of mustard vinaigrette waiting to dress those and so on and so forth. Fun, and such a happy event to be assisting with!

This afternoon was spent with good friends and their kiddos; theirs and ours get along swimmingly and there were many s'mores made and enjoyed, crafts completed, Legos built, a warm fire appreciated. T and I made a simple pizza for dinner tonight- I love my kale but did diversify tonight but topping only half of my side with it; on the other I layered shaved potatoes, rosemary, oil and salt. Yum. I also roasted some beets in advance of a salad for lunch tomorrow and for Sunday dinner am planning to make a garlic soup with olive bread croutons. We are veeery excited to be looking forward to a movie date tomorrow too. Lincoln? Flight?