One pie in the oven, grilled tofu, tea parties

Y'all, I felt like Frances (the badger from the childrens' stories; if you are not familiar with these books, they are just terrific; I loved them as a child and I love them even more as a parent) this morning. My girlfriends came over for a tea party, and we used my tea set which is "real china with flowers in blue" (and red and yellow), just like Frances pines for and ultimately gets in A Bargain for Frances. What a delightful thing to do on a grim day. One pie is in the oven, and while it bakes, I'm eating a quick lunch of lemon carrots, burnt eggplant and grilled tofu. I love grilled tofu. I like char in general although I know it's carcinogenic and you shouldn't have too much. But I still like it and just don't eat much. Anyway, yum, yum. I found a miniature fleur-de-lis cookie cutter so I'm going to accent each pie with a fleur shaped piece of crust. Will take some photos as they come out for cooling. Send me stamina vibes today!