One of the best soups I've ever made

Three cheers and an amen for this new souply creation of mine. Swear to god I'm already looking forward to eating more and making it again. It came about as I attempted to warm my cold self, clean out my fridge, and feel truly sated, and I must say it's a huge success on all counts! Literally chock full of leeks, onions and sunchokes, those flavors are buttressed by roasted garlic, thyme, nutmeg, pecorino and buttermilk. I cooked everything relatively slowly, in roughly three layers, and immersion blended at the end for a smooth yet still slightly textured mouth-feel. Some roasted and chopped chestnuts topped off my bowl, but these are optional so don't fret if you want no part of them.

leeks, onions and thymeLeeky Sunchoke Bisque

I truly can't imagine a better meal on a cold night. Off to write up the recipe so as not to forget a thing. It'll be in Soups as Leeky Sunchoke Bisque.